Roger Greer

Chief Inbound Coordinator

Roger has lived, worked, and played in Chester County for most of his life, choosing West Bradford and Downingtown schools for his children (who are now in college!). Spending most of his life as a “jack-of-all-trades” Roger realized he was also a “master-of-none”. Back to school for a business management degree and then a marketing heavy MBA led to Solomon Caw Marketing. Paring Josh Wagner’s idea of Community Investment Marketing with Inbound Marketing has resulted in Roger embracing the HubSpot Inbound Methodology. He is currently certified in HubSpot Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, and Inbound Sales. Roger has created or run many for-profit and non-profit entities and has learned what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t when marketing to the discerning residents of Chester County.

Roger Greer, stonemason
Roger Greer. Jamese Greer.
Roger getting his nails done
Roger receiving a volunteering award from Senator Andy Dinniman
Always the good sport, Roger volunteered to be the recipient of a pie in the face at a fundraiser.