Kathrin Homnak

Senior Marketing Strategist

Kat has grown up all over the world including such places as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, England, South Africa, and her home country, Germany. During her time overseas she has enjoyed learning about different cultures and people. She has been called Chester County’s connector and many people often say, “She knows everyone”!  Kat has lived in Chester County for 13 years and finds it to be one of the most beautiful places to live.

Kat has a degree in Marketing and Public Relations and has almost completed her behavioral studies degree. She believes that one must always educate themselves and never stop learning. Kat is Hubspot Inbound and Email Marketing certified.

When she is not working Kat enjoys spending time with her two children and husband. She enjoys running and is a proud member of Team CMMD. She is a self pronounced foodie and you can often find her creating some tasty concoctions. Her passion has always been the local community, small businesses, and non-profits. For the last five years she has focused on events that mutually benefit charities and businesses all the while growing her network and the ability to help others.

Kat and her boys
Kat and her husband, Ron.
Kat having fun with her friends after a run.
Kat running for team CMMD
One of Kat's favorite hobbies; baking cupcakes.
Kat with her running team, CMMD
One of Kat's delicious cupcakes.