strategic marketing icon for solomon caw marketing including marketing automation, competition analysis, inbound marketing and growth driven design


Marketing without a strategy is like throwing a pitch with your eyes closed. With strategic marketing, we use a specific set of tools and principals to give our clients the most comprehensive implementation of their marketing strategies. From marketing automation to growth driven design every aspect of our strategic marketing services is designed to increase ROI and decrease our customers’ sales cycle duration.


Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is the strategic use of channels to drive users to your website where they are converted to leads and eventually, customers.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation is exactly what it sounds like, taking repetitive marketing tasks and making them automatic. Today this is done through software and can be as simple as an email client that sends emails to segmented lists or as complicated and interactive as Hubspot where all social media, email, and content can be coordinated in one place.

Competition Analysis

Know your competition. We will evaluate your chief competitors’ social media content and website to see how your business stacks up. Understanding what your competitors are doing is essential to success in your market.

Growth Driven Design

Growth-driven design (GDD) minimizes the risks of traditional web design through a systematic approach that shortens the time to launch by focusing on real impact, and continuous learning and improvement. GDD is the strategic construction of a website spread over a longer duration.